Gogo Review

‘Gogo’ Is The Most Surprising Gift Of Mr. Jazzek To His Fans

The Poland based artist Mr. Jazzek seems engaging and fascinating with his latest release ‘Gogo’, this track has already captivated a large number of audience and has entered the official Spotify Electro Swing playlist directly on position #1.

The best thing about Electro Swing music is that it is groovy and enchanting and easily captivates endless numbers of audience. It is a fascinating musical genre which is a combination of modern Jazz, Swing, EDM, House and sometimes Hip Hop. Since it started getting popular, many renowned artists have come up with their prolific talents and created some of the excellent pieces of Electro Swing. Mr. Jazzek belongs from this category, he is a DJ, Producer and Remixer and a truly versatile talent in every possible aspect. His recent track ‘Gogo’ has comprehensively gazed the attention of the audience, as they have been accepted widely on Spotify.

Mr. Jazzek has been a music enthusiast since a very early age of his life, he began his career with DJ-ing and with he has gained fame and recognition for his unbeatable good work. His effort to make soulful music has got notified by the international Red Bull Music Academy and thus they have been appointed him as their promoter. ‘Gogo’ is the result of the hard work and skilfull methods he puts into his every song.

Days passed by but Mr. Jazzek remain stagnant in making soothing and relaxing music, he has an inbuilt spontaneity which keeps him one step ahead of his contemporaries. Electro Swing Thing is the label name of the production house which ventures all his creative efforts. The way he is progressing with his career it can be easily speculated he will get flourished more with time. To know more about him follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “Mr. Jazzek – Gogo” Here!

Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-01-24

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