My 20s Woman Review

Artists Wolfgang Lohr & Phos Toni Have Enraptured
The Listeners With The Track ‘My 20s Woman’

Fans of Electro Swing finally got to witness the collaboration of Wolfgang Lohr & Phos Toni in the track ‘My 20s Woman’. The fans are more than delighted with it.

To say the least, the tracks crafted by the artists Wolfgang Lohr & Phos Toni are the ultimate ones that can help the audience go through a tough day at work. Famous for the tracks ‘Twenties’, ‘Very Nice People’, ‘Not Happy’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ these two artists have now been a renowned name in the music industry. And, when the forces combined, the audience got to taste the awesomeness in ‘My 20s Woman’.

Designed with intoxicating instrumentation and enthralling musicianship, this song is one of those rare tracks that have the strength of binding you within its structural development. Beginning with hard-hitting instrumentation, the track quickly makes its place in the hearts of the audience, confining them within the rhythmical magnificence. Both the artists have done a tremendous job infusing the best of both worlds. And, you can savor the taste of it throughout the three minutes.

Through ‘My 20s Woman’ the creators have quite brilliantly brought back the music of the twenties. Having worked for Electro Swing Thing for 8 years, Wolfgang Lohr & Phos Toni finally collaborated and man, the result is as big as it can get. You can’t even take your ears off for a single moment, proving the awesomeness of the entire arrangement. The music video on YouTube is also quite entertaining, complementing the track perfectly!

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-02-24

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