Papa Tony Swings His Skills Into Groove
With The Track ‘Swing Theme’

Papa Tony gets into the groove with his fascinating instrumental, ‘Swing Theme’. The fascinating sound of this track is bewitching and intoxicating, all at once.

The soundtrack ‘Swing Theme’ explodes into the air with strength, the light-weight instrumental effect, and the fascinating synth – all of these demands the attention of the audience in a way, which the audience isn’t quite accustomed to. Through the very first listen, you will be able to absorb its intensity, smooth pace, and the dreamlike ambiance of the instrumentation. The hook section is pretty simple here, designed with basic riffs – bringing the best out of the artistry of Papa Tony, which is impressive.

The elements are organic and have cast a great impact on the audience. The hook section is designed with a simple spell, which is intriguing and satisfying yet hard-hitting. The groove will make you dance to the notes and escape through the sound. Produced under Electro Swing Thing, this track is surely one of the finest creations of the artist, giving tough competition to his previous tracks – ‘Sunshine Boutique’, ‘Come Closer’, ‘Why You Dance Alone’, ‘Smooth Tempo’, etc. All of these tracks are brilliant and ‘Swing Theme’ has overcome all of these.

The sound here is pretty recognizable yet feels fresh, authentic, designed with creativity, and flawless. The effect of the instrumentation is so big that the track becomes instantly addictive and feels powerful, making you feel the structural elements of the presentation. Papa Tony has done a tremendous job here and certainly deserves all the praise!

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-04-24

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