Hear Out Kumiho’s Energetic And Hybrid Form Of
Jazz-Electronica Sound In The New Single

The new music sensation, Kumiho submerges the forthcoming EP ‘Put Me in Drive’ in the alternative bars of Electro Swing and jazz pomp with three new tracks.

The new band Kumiho, growing from fast fame, has released a new EP ‘Put Me in Drive’ with three variations of the title track ‘Put Me in Drive’ that bears the traces of their epic dream to promote a new form animated music made of sunny jazz notes and deep bass flow of House and Electro Swing beats. Kumiho is the lead singer who was joined by the Executive Producer Sammy Legs and to form the band with few more gifted musicians in one persisting idea of bringing new dawn on the horizon of the modern music industry.

The members of Kumiho present their supreme energy and the power of unworldly female vocal in a singular frame composed in spontaneous jazz melodies that surpasses with its distinct entity mixed in the loud and peppy swing beats of EDM. The title track of the latest collation ‘Put Me in Drive’ is the main song ‘Put Me in Drive’ that has two other versions with a catchy remix with extra groove and a simple instrumental version that will submerge our delirious mind in psych-trance sound. It comes off the production house named Electro Swing Thing Records.

Kumiho, the female singer in the band, is a seasoned performer who catches the audience off guard every time she puts on a grand live show with the bandmates and burlesque choreography. In the previous songs, ‘Spooky’ with soury vibes and ‘Whiskey Business’ with her trademark style in that echoing voice have made long-lasting impressions in a million hearts. Follow the amazing singer and her band on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the official website for more music coming on your way.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-05-19

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