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Electro Music Gets A New Name To Celebrate With Riff Kitten
Releasing Eclectic Dance Music ‘Swag Rag’

Electro Music Gets a New Name to Celebrate With Riff Kitten Releasing Eclectic Dance Music ‘Swag Rag’

Famous artist Riff Kitten aims for the top position with the release of his most astounding electro dance music ‘Swag Rag’ that aptly shows off his music skills.

Riff Kitten’s new single showcases his signature sound and a fresh outlook on electronic dance music. Starting immediately with rhythmic drum patterns that pick up slowly and steadily to become immersive, the artist mixes sound for allowing the audience to dance freely. Bering supremely talented, the artist has the power to create almost any type of music from a video game sound to electro-pop groove music. His compositions pave the way for a melodic, eclectic sound that combines the slow energy of downtempo along with the hypnotic ambiance of new age music with minimalistic beats and layered forms that subtly morph into new ideas.

On his new single ‘Swag Rag’ the artist incorporates something new and exciting to make it stand out from the rest as he strongly feels that every genre ahs something interesting and different to offer. Composed under the label Electro Swing Thing, the song ‘Swag Rag’ is a musical masterpiece incorporated with all the fun-sounding sonic elements that make the listener groove till the end. The processed whack of the beats, the synth bass, and the most distinctive piano sound, everything collectively makes the song’s simplistic soundscape sound punchy and enjoyable.

Also known as Andrew Reilly, the artist found his new face in the year 2019 with Riff Kitten. He treats every new musical piece as a medium of expression of his momentary feelings and each one of them turns out to be beyond expectations with its high quality. Listen to the song on Spotify and SoundCloud and follow the artist on Facebook, and Instagram for more content.

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Review: 360mediazine Date: 2019-12-10

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