Rythmakers 37 Review

The Thrilling Composition Of ‘Rythmakers 37’
By The Swing Bot Is Enticing All To Groove To It

Party freaks are swearing by the out-of-the-box engaging soundtrack ‘Rythmakers 37’ composed by the renowned artist The Swing Bot, who has created a buzz.

For those music enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for some or the other feet-tapping music should definitely give an ear to the latest track by The Swing Bot. Released under the Label called Electro Swing Thing, the track, ‘Rythmakers 37’, is rapidly spiraling to the top of the genre. Based in Vienna, the artist is a remarkable DJ and French Producer, apart from being a live performer. Over the years, the artist has been delighting music enthusiasts across the globe with his thrilling compositions. Owing to his numerous bewitching Electro Swing compositions, he has left an indelible mark in the minds of music lovers.

The extraordinary juxtaposition of the vintage or modern swing and jazz along with House, Hip Hop, and EDM has received immense critical acclamation across the globe. The invigorating composition of the song ‘Rythmakers 37’ is specially designed by The Swing Bot keeping the preferences of the party freaks in mind. Characterized by diligent use of traditional jazz instruments like trombone, trumpet, clarinet, etc, the song has attracted a large number of fans to the artist’s fan-base.

Apart from ‘Rythmakers 37’, the artist also has other memorable tracks like ‘Waves of 84’, ‘St Louis Blues’, ‘Maldita Vida’, among others to his credit. The mesmerizing tracks of The Swing Bot can be relished on Soundcloud and Spotify. For the latest updates regarding the forthcoming projects of the artist, do not forget to follow him on Facebook and Instagram, apart from logging on to the website of Electro Swing Thing. You may also subscribe to the YouTube channel of his Label Electro Swing Thing to enjoy his latest songs.

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Review: NetGlobalNews Date: 2020-01-29

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