Jazz and Tea! Review: Sepiatonic Remixes Vol. 1

Boy, oh boy, this video has it all! Thanks to my friends at Dead 2 Me Records, I have not one, but TWO fabulous Sepiatonic remixes, “Step Up” the Mr. Biggz Remix, and “Trailer Swift” the Crash Party remix. This video’s also got my first-ever modeling attempt, some quirky tea, and an argument with myself about which casino I’d rather live in to ride out the Apocalypse.

…Okay, I might have rambled a bit in this one, but can you blame me?? I’m stuck inside! I’m going nuts in here! The walls are closing in! Waaaaagh!

Stream & Download “Sepiatonic – Remixes Vol. 1” Here!

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Alexandra DeMers is an author and aspiring-archaeologist with a lifelong love of history and adventure. She has traveled across the globe and uses those experiences to craft her current series, “Threadbare: The Traveling Show.” When she isn’t visiting museums, Alexandra can be found listening to electro-swing at her home just outside of fabulous Las Vegas with her husband, two children, two cats, and an impressive collection of vintage teacups.

Review & Video by Jazz and Tea! (Alexandra DeMers) Date: 2020-04-03

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