Review: DINKS feat. Shon Abram – September

DINKS has produced the most eclectic beats of disco house in the enthralling number ‘September’

The duo of DINKS has crafted the most deftly composed Disco House number ‘September’. It is a magnificent execution by the producer and the DJ from Germany.

The brilliant duo of a Dj and a producer from Germany, DINKS has slain the audience with their latest offering. They have come up with the wondrous number ‘September’ that also features the talented international singer Shon Abram. The nostalgic sounds of old disco are laid out with elegance by the Dj and producer duo. They are from Berlin and is the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘FDF Records’ that has futuristic facilities. The tracks by them are also filled with modern sounds of Chicago. To know more about the duo, the fans can log on to their Facebook profile.

In the track ‘September’ by the fascinating duo DINKS there is a modern version of house music with oodles of funk and soul to make it flabbergasting. The singer of the track who is also known as ‘The Entertainer’ after his performance in the movie ‘The Key’ is all set to come up with dance tunes in his third project and received accolades from all across Germany. The audiences can know about their upcoming ventures by logging on to their Instagram handle.

The brilliant track has exciting vocals with pristine sounds of house music produced by the supremely talented duo. They follow the headline that goes like ‘Shake Your Body and Dance’ as the set is full of sassy groove and impeccable house music. They both have produced immaculate sounds of soul and funk with consummate ease!

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Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-09-11

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