The Blissful Instrumental Effect Of ‘Shadow Hat’ By
The Talented Glenn Gatsby Is Musically Enthralling

Utilizing the richest extractions of the electronic dance music, Glenn Gatsby ensures the audience gets to taste the true essence of the genre through ‘Shadow Hat’.

The authentic representation of electronic dance music and the constant professionalism of Glenn Gatsby has been perfectly reflected through his recent release. The rhythmical fusion of some of the most entertaining ingredients of the genre in the track ‘Shadow Hat’ is certainly a sonic treat for the fans of the genre. Not only the original version but also its club mix has caught the ears of the audience and made them groove to the sound design. Both the versions have thoroughly entertained the audience.

Following the fame of tracks like ‘Twenties Dress’, ‘I Wonder Where’, ‘The Great News’, and ‘What’s The Reason’, the artist had to deliver something more majestic and he has done it with the release of ‘Shadow Hat’. The enchanting sound design has added the much-needed spark to the genre. The entire premise is harmonically rich and the impact has been magnified through the presentation of the club mix of the track. This track will brighten up your mood within seconds of pressing the play button.

The hook section is attractive and so powerful that you just cannot help but dance on the tune. It will spark up the endorphins and push your mind towards a happy ending to the day. You will find it difficult to press the pause or stop, such great is the impact of both the versions. Created under Electro Swing Thing, this is certainly one of the most engaging Electro Swing tracks of Glenn Gatsby. Fans can listen to more through Spotify and SoundCloud and also follow him through Facebook and Instagram HERE!

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-05-03

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