Review: Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes – Stay

Artists Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes bring to the floor their latest single ‘Stay’ which instantly resonates with the audience for its electronic rhythms and peppy vibes.

Making their unique collaboration stand out in the crowd, artists Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes have set out on a journey to paint the world with their engaging musicality. While the former is a renowned DJ most famous for playing with experimental sounds and creating something completely unheard and exciting, the later is a UK-based singer nurturing an enchanting vocal melody. The two have signed in for their new collaborative project titled ‘Stay’ that sounds tremendously polished from all angles. The way the singer has let her soulful tone come to play mixed with the music producer’s catchy and peppy jazz sounds hits hard.

The song is a result of a beautiful collaboration where they have combined modern electronic dance beats and exciting pop elements with stunning vintage sounds, and retro grooves to let the audience shake their legs. The song is already roaring high in the scene for its significantly catchy tune and new rhythmic combinations which the music producer has stylistically arranged throughout the space. Built under the label Electro Swing Thing Records, the song helps to bring out their creative best in the field of Electro-swing.

Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes have stood out fantastically by etching out their skills and talent in the single ‘Stay’ and have given the perfect anthem to rejoice during the year-end. Their offerings to the track blend well and complement perfectly to let the track shine out bright. His sound and her striking voice give the audience the joy of grooving to a lively soundscape.

Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2021-01-04

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