LVDS & Iolanda Boban Collaborated To Dish Out
Swing Hop In Their Exquisite ‘Steps on the Moon’

LVDS and Iolanda Boban have amplified the electro-music quotient in the breathtaking track ‘Steps on the Moon’. It is one of the most phenomenal executions.

It is a sensational performance by the astounding producer and remixer LVDS and the truly gifted singer Iolanda Boban. They have joined forces to belt out the peach of a track ‘Steps on the Moon’. The former is a beat-maker par excellence who is based out of the Dutch city of Roosendaal. The female musician who owns an up to the minute production house called ‘Electro Swing Thing Records’ has shown her style and class in Swing House, Hip Hop, Swing Hop, and Jazz Hop genre. While the latter happens to be a Romanian female singer with a majestic voice both of them joined hands with the swing hop number that has an eclectic appeal. The fans can know more about them by plugging on to their social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. LVDS 👉 HERE and Iolanda Boban 👉 HERE!

In the mindboggling number ‘Steps on the Moon,’ there are immersive vibes of jazz and soul as the architects of it LVDS and Iolanda Boban have brought in oodles of soft color. There is a classic feel about the vintage bounce and groove in the track that makes it sassy. The whip-smart hook comes with swashbuckling doses of funk. The sounds of pop make the song savvier. One can listen to these musicians on popular music apps like Soundcloud and Spotify.

There are smart vocals in the number as the tunes and the melody incorporated by both the musicians make it flabbergasting. The contemporary rhythm has got tunes of retro. One can find a brilliant voice by the Romanian singer on trending platforms like YouTube!

Enjoy “Steps on the Moon” by LVDS & Iolanda boban 👉 HERE!

Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-15

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