Swing Days Remix

Swing Your Hips With The Jazzy Wobble Rhythms
of the ‘Swing Days’ Remix by Mista Trick

The exemplary mix of vintage blues and intense drum beats shaped into an incredible remix number from ‘Swing Days’ by Mista Trick from the original artist Riff Kitten.

A new song with a deadly combination of Electro Swing and boogie tunes named ‘Swing Days (Mista Trick Remix)’ is the latest recording by Mista Trick and Riff Kitten, finally out on Spotify. The two artists are both hitting the marks recently for their marvelous original creations in music where they make musical masterpieces with exciting and throbbing drum beats with vintage touches. This Swing & Bass remix has stunning groovy and striding rhythmic hook which is alluring in an EDM number. The song is the result of the ingenuity of the two electro-music pioneers.

Mista Trick made ‘Swing Days’ that was originally produced by Riff Kitten, a brooding artist in the turf of evolving EDM music. He includes 90’s vintage beats with fast pacing dancing Electro Swing beats to create a whole new experience out of an ordinary piece. He performed in world-famous festivals like Glastonbury, Boomtown, Nozstock and more. He’s performed all around the UK as well as Paris, Zurich, Barcelona, and many other places. He is a successful DJ and producer in the United Kingdom. Some of his Spotify hits include ‘Drum and Swing’, ‘Balkan Bass’ and ‘Lost in the rhythm’.

Riff Kitten, on the other hand, had taken conventional music lessons that made him competent for making any sort of music. He released his debut album ‘Seven Stories’ in March 2019 on M-Sol Records. ‘Swing Days’ was his original mix that is now reloaded with the remix tempo of Mista Trick. It is recorded under Electro Swing Thing Records!

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Review: NewsWayCafe Date: 2020-01-02

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