Review: Is He Dead

Tony Wellin Redefines Electro Swing Music
With Is Exciting New Track ‘Is He Dead’

Tony Wellin weaves sounds of old-time in an extraordinarily sophisticated style in his new music track ‘Is He Dead’ that lets the listeners have a great time.

Tony Wellin is an extremely unconventional Electro Swing DJ and music producer whose compositions have a very vintage feel to it and offers a versatile melody line. The artist has mastery over melody and supremely curates his music line to make something sonically pleasing with sizzling swing ad bouncing bass. He has a totally exciting take on Electro Swing and has played in several parties and clubs to spread his artistry. The authentic fusion of vintage sound with electro, drum n bass, house, dub step, and tech house in his latest soundtrack ‘Is He Dead’ proves that the artist is capable of producing some highly resonating sounds.

Signed on the label Electro Swing Thing the song is highly addictive and ranges from Dance House, Electric Jazz, Swing to Tech House music to result in an entertaining track that stands out for its upbeat and toe-tapping musicality. The DJ does a commendable mixing of various rhythms that explains his popularity. He focuses on curating fresh new pearls of Swing House, Swing Pop, and all of the vintage styles to make better content in music.

Born and raised in a place between Rome an Naples, Tony Wellin stepped into electronic music back in 2012 and since then has been nurturing Electro Swing music to come up with engaging and different flavored music. His tracks are now in high demand for parties and clubs for its infectious rhythmicity and take no direction from the industry. Enjoy his soundtrack on Spotify and follow his latest updates on Facebook and Instagram!

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Review: globalvoxpop.com Date: 2019-10-17

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