Review – Ueber Den Wolken

‘Über Den Wolken’ By The Duo Of
Hans Wachsmann & Wolfgang Lohr Is Musical Euphoria

The talented duo of Hans Wachsmann and Wolfgang Lohr has poured their artistry over their latest release ‘Über den Wolken’. The funky tone will keep you hooked.

Instrumental notes, some light bars, and a great synth riff at the frontline of the track ‘Über den Wolken’ introduce Hans Wachsmann and Wolfgang Lohr as performers of rich artistic quality. Driven by the soulful vocal presence, the track sets the perfect example for an electro-swing theme. All the elements engineered by this talented duo have crafted their aura of musicality. The laid-back delivery is filled with swag that cannot be left unheard. This sonic delight is worth experiencing more than a thousand times.

The confidence portrayed by both of the architects is spellbinding. The musical arrangement of ‘Über den Wolken’ is smartly done with focus given to the smallest of the details. The flavor of the track changes after each passing verse and succeeds in holding tight to the attention of the audience with each of its elements. The impeccable and clean production has generated the perfect backdrop for the other elements to follow and the twist and turns around the structure keep things excited throughout.

The singer and songwriter from Hamburg, Hans Wachsmann has always focused on fusing modern electronic music elements with the delivery style of old refrain singers. This unique blend has worked perfectly for his releases. On the other hand, the renowned Wolfgang Lohr has been the architect behind over 100 remixes of famous tracks. His impeccable artistry has added spice to the musical flavor!

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Review: Thinkworldnews Date: 2019-11-19

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