Summer Breeze Review

The Ever Stylish Varrick Frost Has Come Up With His Funkiest Track ‘Summer Breeze (Swing Hop Mix)’

Varrick Frost is back with his dynamic and unique gig in the Swing Hop mix of ‘Summer Breeze’. This track is set up to be in the list of all time musical hits.

Whenever Varrick Frost has touched gramophone, a spellbindingly magnificent ambiance has captivated the listener. The charming artist has come up with a refreshing piece of the finest Electro Swing in his track ‘Summer Breeze (swing hop mix)’. He has designed this track quite superbly with creative electronic beats and bass. This track has pushed the boundaries of this genre, even beyond the imagination of the audience. It is a stunning musical fragment, which has a fusion of the melodic swing music and rhythmic tempo. He has always been innovative and experimented with various elements to give a refreshing feel to the listeners, which has added a lot of variety to his songs; especially this one.

This unique genre of music which takes its influence from various other genres like vintage or modern Swing and Jazz, Hip Hop, and EDM, is well mastered by Varrick. In the past years, he has collaborated with famous artists like Wolfgang Lohr, Caravan Palace, Bart&Baker, Postmodern Jukebox, and Jamie Berry. ‘Summer Breeze’ is certainly turned into the best track of this genre with the touch of swing hop and its production. Very few artists will be able to match the standard Frost has set with this track.

It is a sensual piece of music that will cheer you up with its bright and funky musicality. The artist isn’t only proficient in gramophone but also in playing the trumpet. He prefers to play along with a saxophone player, to add more life to the overall performance. His live performance is a massive treat for the fans. He along with some heavier tunes like electro, Funk, DNB, and Techno, sets the mood of the audience in the right direction. You can know more about him by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  And, you can enjoy his brilliant tracks on Spotify and SoundCloud.
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Review: issuewire.com Date: 2019-09-04

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