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Prominent Artists Wolfgang Lohr & Loredana Grimaudo
Are Trending High With Their Recent Release

‘Twenties’ is a beautiful and energetic track which came out with the joined collaboration of the impassioned artists Wolfgang Lohr & Loredana Grimaudo. Electro Swing which is also known as Swing House music and is a form of music that successfully incorporates the musical traits of House, modern jazz, Swing and sometimes Hip Hop music. It is that genre of music that takes the musicians to play classical jazz instruments like saxophone and trumpet. With trendy beats and classical approach, many artists coherently compose beautiful Electro Swing tracks, Wolfgang Lohr & Loredana Grimaudo are two of such music artists who never fails to amaze their fans. At least their recent track ‘Twenties’ is the proof of it; this one is engaging and enchanting in every possible way.

Loredana Grimaudo is an Italy based singer who is also a music composer, songwriter and member of the Italian Electro Swing band SWINGROWERS as a co-founder and lead singer. Wolfgang Lohr is successfully composing and producing Electro Swing music since 2011, he works under the label name of Electro Swing Thing. ‘Twenties’ is a collaboration between these two fascinating artists, the most beautiful part of this track is that the listener can get a vibe of freshness and originality. With all the groovy beats and catchy lyrics, this track is highly considered as a party-pumper.

Wolfgang Lohr seems to be pragmatic and rational in his thought process as he ardently believes in the ‘power of now’ and Loredana Grimaudo reflects the epitome of beauty with brain and creativity. So, this collaboration stands out as a unique amalgamation of art and alluring beauty.

Enjoy their official music video of ‘Twenties’ on YouTube HERE!

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-01-14

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