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Feel The Eclectic Elements Of Electro Swing In Ninjula’s
‘Very Nice People’ G-Swing Remix

The multi-faceted Electro Swing genre has attained a new level with the single ‘Very Nice People- G Swing remix’ by Ninjula. This track is a perfect mood-setter. While every music genre has its history, so as the Electro Swing genre that dates back to 1990s, when some experimental artists tried to create a whole new soundscape with the essential elements of Jazz and Swing. With time and technology, Electro Swing genre bloomed in the hands of DJs and composers and today it is one of the most celebrated styles when it comes to party music. In the present day, one artist cum DJ who is pouring his heart to take the genre to the next level is Ninjula, the Berlin-based artist who is known for his quintessential music mixing styles. He is pro at Swing N’ Glitch, Glitch Hop. Dubstep and is known for adding unique soundscape to his music pieces. This season the track that is gaining maximum attention is Spotify is ‘Very Nice People (Ninjula G-swing Remix)‘.

The single ‘Very Nice People’ has two different versions of the remix and the club mix.  The remix version is by Ninjula for Wolfgang Lohr and DJ Mibor featuring Offbeat on vocals. Each of these artists is known personalities for their mastery in Electro Swing.  Ninjula however, needs special attention for the remix of the track that makes the wall wobble, and everything bouncing. In other words ‘Very Nice People-(Ninjula G-Swing remix) is a gratifying track, stress- buster that delivers a sense of positive energy. It is something that’ll compel the listeners to spend some more time on the dance floor. Have a look at his Facebook and Instagram page, follow him and spread the energy.

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Review: issuewire.com Date: 2019-10-10

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