Review: Emma Clair & Alanna Lyes – Walking On A Cloud

Jam With The Neo Swing & Jazzy New Track ‘Walking On A Cloud’ by Emma Clair & Alanna Lyes

Get the new electro-dance number ‘Walking on a Cloud’ wielded in crazy piano shuffles and swing melodies composed by Emma Clair featuring Alanna Lyes only on Spotify.

If you are looking for something different than Deep House drops but something strong and fresh that makes the same grooves, then meet the two musical magicians, Emma Clair and Alanna Lyes. They have come with a creative mix of bygone symphonies of jazz and modern scales of neo swings to produce a newness this summer called ‘Walking on a Cloud’, their new single that is available on Spotify. Electro Swing Thing Records again takes the chance to work with the two sought-after artists on the rise. This summer will get hot and wild with the new single with its jazzy beats and soft, eclectic swings with impressive hooks sung in enteral vocals.

Emma Clair is a DJ, Promoter, and Producer from Manchester whose ‘Prohibition’ parties got her a promising candidate in the EDM scene. She has been the heart of several legendary music festivals like Bulgaria’s ‘Big White Powder Festival’ and at the UK’s acclaimed ‘Beat-Herder’. Her collaboration with LA’s Atom Smith has raised her momentum in her career. Alanna Lyes is a fresh singer who has been signed by numerous eminent producers such as Wolfgang Lohr, Balduin, Duke Skellington, and Varrick Frost. The young singer and songwriter collaborated with many big names before she made the smashing hit ‘Walking on a Cloud-club mix’.

The new summer chartbuster single ‘Walking on a Cloud’ is a melange of retro disco and the latest techno beats where the singer sings merrily about the summer days and its fun. It will get people in a good and light mood and force yourself to dance with the flow of its rhythms.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-08-22

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