Wie Wunderschön Remix Review

Antoine Villoutreix And Wolfgang Lohr Unite For
The Neo Swing Version Of ‘Wie Wunderschön’

The latest remix version of Antoine Villoutreix’s ‘Wie Wunderschön’ is one of the grooviest and entrancing tracks of this year. Wolfgang Lohr has added spice to it.

The new remix version of the famous track ‘Wie Wunderschön’ is a scintillating piece of musical bliss that has consistently maintained or even uplifted the impact cast by the original version created by the renowned artist Antoine Villoutreix. The lyricism and the vocal performance present within this musical adventure were of already top-notch quality but the introduction of Wolfgang Lohr to the musical canvas changed the entire scenario. The presence of his musical brilliance has set the stage on fire and impressed one and all.

Engineered under Electro Swing Thing, the original version had all of the audience captivated within the bewitching spell that was hard to ignore. Hailing from Berlin, the French singer/songwriter Antoine Villoutreix had made sure that the musical ingredients strike the chords of the musical senses of all the listeners. The groovy and funky tones and bars of the track had fascinated the audience solely due to the charming presence of the lead artist and the way he had expressed the words. The picture got brighter and more charming with the remix version of the track.

Crafted by Wolfgang Lohr, the remix version of ‘Wie Wunderschön’ has pierced through the hearts of the listeners and made them fall in love once again with the majestic musical elements and artistry of both the creators. The passion and intensity portrayed through the spoken verses express the love for the genre present within the artists!

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Review: IssueWire Date: 2019-12-26

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