Review – Sweet Dreams

REVIEW: Groove To The Best Dynamic Electro Swing and House
Arrangements In Wolfgang Lohr’s Mix Of ‘Sweet Dreams’

DJ and producer Wolfgang Lohr’s newest collaboration single ‘Sweet Dreams’ is a dynamic outburst of skillfully modulated Electro Swing and House sound arrangements.

Cultural aptitude along with the resonating groove of contemporary thematic Electro House swing in DJ and producer Wolfgang Lohr’s new track ‘Sweet Dreams’ is a beautiful and engaging arena. This song is a creative collaboration between the musical expertise of Wolfgang Lohr, Varrick Frost, and Alanna Lyes in a vivacious symbiosis. Curated and skillfully paced beats, lyrical richness, and a brimming ambiance created in this rendition of the original 1983 Eurythmics song by the same name now has a whole different creative angle to it. As the audience cannot help but jive to the enticing groove of ‘Sweet Dreams’, the spectrum of Electro Swing and House just added another feather into its proud cap.

With 2019 standing as the biggest evolutionary year for music, Deep House and Electro Swing has taken the center stage as the sound of global celebration. Wolfgang Lohr, originally a proud Siberian currently based in Berlin has sculpted a musical scope with widespread electronic propelling and sound modulations that stand out in creative flavor. At this moment in history, he is redefining the standards of self-attributed musical latitudes through adjusted rhythms, frequencies, and intensities.

Currently signed to the label house of Electro Swing Thing, Wolfgang Lohr has way too many musical ideas up his sleeves. Some of his other house samples like ‘Very Nice People’, ‘Bella di notte’, ‘Move One Up’, and ‘Digga Dooh’ are just to name a few that add to his limitless creative bundle. Follow his work on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to experience the extant harmonies of Electro Swing and House intricacies.

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Review: Newspulsebyte Date: 2019-10-30

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