You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet

REVIEW: Harvey Miller & James Jive Have Composed
The Club Banging Track ‘You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet’

Harvey Miller and James Jive have brought in a major change in the repetitive club music with their most exciting track ‘You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet’.

Harvey Miller and James Jive have come together with Crazy Red Balls to produce a song that reflects entertainment and bright tunes from the beginning till the end. There’s loads of fun, euphoria, and wild memories infused in their track that makes the entire record a blissful sonic element. The track effectively balances swing house, neo-swing, swing hop, classic swing with hints of classic vintage tunes to make the track stand out with its eccentricity.

‘You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet’ is a wonderful amalgamation of all happy tunes that would undoubtedly compel the audience to tap their feet to the melodic tunes. Composed under the very popular label Electro Swing Thing the record features gorgeously uplifting rhythms that show how the music composers gather the most exciting sounding strings to let the composition reach the hearts of all. Mainly during the midriff of the song, a faded voice joins in singing the title of the track ‘You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet’ and everything just seems to be in complete sync to indicate their professionalism.

Harvey Miller and James Jive have teamed up and worked on the Neo Swing track along with Balkan influences and Crazy Red Balls from Barcelona supported the pair with a groovy gypsy rhythm guitar and an awesome saxophone such that the already vibrant track gets a colorful addition. With an unconventional mix of Electro Swing music, Hip Hop, and powerful beats the song is worth multiple listens. Listen to the song on Spotify and follow the artists on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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Review: Global VOXPOP Date: 2019-12-17

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