Rosantique is the female pioneer of Italian Electro Swing. First and only PinUp-DJ and Singer involved in the official Electro Swing scene.

Her Electro Swing Live Set gives a taste of the best Electro Swing tracks, going through milestones and hot new productions, never forgetting Swing and Jazz of the 20-30-40ies.

Always giving the greatest attention to all the details and performing in vintage dresses and accessories matching with pure Pin Up hairstyle and make-up.

She was Miss Pin Up 2012 and she was coverglirl for the most famous national magazines about custom and Pin Up lifestyle like Chop and Roll, Lowride Magazine, etc. Since today she was asked to play representing many Top Brands like Ferrari, Pomellato for Women, Campari Red Passion, and she’s also invloved in the production of Audio Branding soundtracks for many Fashion Brands.

Being a Jazz singer since her childhood helped her to develop a true passion for vintage music, fashion and costumes. She is nowadays popular as the first and only female artist and event planner in the Italian Electro Swing scene. Founder of Electro Swing Club parties in Milano, producer of the best vintage events with international cabaret and burlesque performers, she was Radio hoster of BUONASERA SIGNORINA (The first Italian radio show totally about Electro Swing) first on The Great Complotto Radio (webradio) and later in FM on Radio Nostalgia. Weekly producing contents, introducing artists and communicating news about the Electro Swing releases, concerts and festivals, she has been sharing the stage and interviewed most of the top international Electro Swing artists like Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Tape Five, Pep’ Show Boys, Club des Belugas, DJ Farrapo, Swingrowers, The Sweet Life Society, Kitten and the Hip, Puppini Sisters, Sound Nomaden, Nikola Vujicic, Dj Pony from FeelGoodProduction and so on.

Her mission is to spread the Electro Swing music and the Jazz culture within the young generations and create fabulous contaminations between modern and vintage sounds.

She performed at the WOMEN IN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2014 among world famous female artists like Noa, Brenda Boyking, etc. and was invited three times to sing with Herbie Flowers’ jazz band during Brighton Fringe Festival 2015-2016-2018. Sharing the stage with Postmodern Jukebox during a Jam Session at Bonaventura Jazz Club in Milan, singing together with her favorite members of PMJ like Haley Reinhart, Adam Kubota, Martin Diller and Casey Abram meant collecting another important goal for her artistic path.

In march 2014 her debut track Walk Your Shoes gets included in the compilation Ludwig Sound Boutique – First Class Electro Swing Vol. 1, and quickly they reach the top of the charts on Beatport and on the Electro Swing network! Favorited by Nick Hollywood at 5th place in his Radio-Blog’s top chart, was selected to be included in the Japanese “Secret Lounge Compilation 009” and the limited edition of “Portocervo Fashion Week” Compilation of RADIO MONTE CARLO just one week after its release!

Also the catchy TAKE ME FOR A RIDE, feat. Nikola Vujicic, is capturing weekly thumbs-up bouncing daily on Beatport Top Ten Charts!

Her ultimate track “Dixie Wonderland” has been released on July 12th 2019 and is the product of her Electro Swing full band, composed of her musicians, vocalists and dancers based in Milan with whom she tours with her full Electroic-Visual-Show titled “BACK WITH THE FUTURE”.

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