DJ, artist and musician from Austria. On the wheels of steel since 1992.

As a dancer, producer and music aficionado, Schinowatz´s musical roots are wide reaching: from funk, soul and hip-hop to the 80s and early 90s, all the to electroswing, tech house, glitch hop and breakbeat, these reverse influences have left an indelible mark on his style.

Over twenty jam-packed years behind the decks and countless gigs, he has seen it all:
Breakdance World Championships, resident DJ at Cirque de la Nuit, gigs at various clubs all around Europe, cooperation with the Young Philharmonics Salzburg and „Nobulus“.
Schinowatz has that spezial gift of dropping the right tune at the right moment, leaving his audience spellbound.

Schinowatz, also known as -Schini- was born in 1980 in Salzburg / Austria.

Schini started sampling & remixing in the early 90´s by using a turntable and two tapedecks, to perform as a DJ in 1996 and creating his own Sound since 2002.

His musical background was based in the lifestyle “BBoying” – as a BBoy he learned a lot about good Music, different Rhythms and rare Breaks, so he started digging Records, learning turntabelism & sound producing and spent a lot of time to find, create and mix all kinds of genres & grooves.

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