Emerging from the emerald twilight of Portland, OR, Sepiatonic’s work represents it’s hometown’s unique, innovative, and sometimes quirky energy.

Having looked back in time to the historic roots of vaudeville and forward to the booty-shaking horizons of electronic dance music, Sepiatonic’s producers have found home in a junction of both worlds. Larger than life characters, burlesque, and variety acts bring to life the soundscape of original electronic and live music on stage.

Sepiatonic strives for a visceral show experience where the dance party in the crowd pumps up the musicians onstage, and the dynamic dance acts onstage inspire you, the audience, to shake your groove thing more fiercely.

Our arsenal of performers is as diverse as our various shows, but is always comprised of highly skilled, technically trained dancers and musicians.

Sepiatonic tours, produces, and is available for shows as a full-length dance party and variety set, as just a belly dance act, or as composers, choreographers, or teachers for events or commission. Our professionals have choreographed, arranged music, and led workshops on a variety of subjects, at festivals across the country.

Electro Swing Radio