Smilin – Electro Swing Dancer

Hey guys, it‘s me, Smilin! 💗

I’m 22 years, living in Germany, Bavaria and I’m also an Electro Swing Dancer.

You probably know me from my YouTube Channel „Smilin“.
When I started to upload videos on my channel, a lot of people actually noticed that I‘m smilin a lot while dancing, so I’ve changed my user name! Fun fact: Smilin has the prefix of my name „Linda“ and „Smi“ is part of my last name, but that’s a little secret.

The King of Pop has given me the most inspiration. Because of Michael, I started to dance the first time in my life. Obviously, 2009 has really shocked me.

After that, I started to learn Line Dance as well as Melbourne Shuffle, which has really improved my footwork. Popping and Liquid Dance is also a huge part of my life but I still practice and I don’t feel confident enough atm to show it someone else.

So as you can see, dancing (no matter what kind of dance style) was always a huge part in my life. And I couldn’t live without that at all.

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