Spooky Swing – Electro Swing Halloween Mix 2021

Happy Spooktober to all ladies and gents out there! It’s getting colder, darker and it’s time for our Spooky Swing Electro Swing Mix 2021. Boo! 🕸️🦇👻

Halloween is just around the corner, Spooky Scary Skeletons are hopping on board and we have curated the best Dark Swing and Deep Swing tracks for the Spooky Swing Mix and Spotify Playlist. 🍁 🕷️ 🤡

Enjoy and celebrate 90minutes of wonky and swung beats out of the huge sub-genre box, selected and curated by Wolfgang Lohr. From Swing House to Swing Hop, through Neo Swing up to bouncy G-Swing and Future Swing! #SpookySwing 🎃 😈 🌕 💀

Including Artists

Mr. Jazzek, LVDS, PiSk, Swingrowers, Madam Misfit, Victor and the Bully, Kid Casino, Jamie Berry, Kumiho, Odd Chap, Alanna Lyes, Glenn Gatsby, Duke Skellington, Ashley Slater, Emma Clair, Betty Booom, Or3o, Tape Five, Tori & Dean, Sammy Legs, Dirty Honkers, Speakeasy Streets, Victor Ghastly’s Electric Timebomb, MNTRA, SPEKRFREKS, Varrick Frost and Wolfgang Lohr

DEKTOP WALLPAPER (2600 x 1625 px) “Spooky Swing 2021” JPG Download 👉 HERE!

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST “Spooky Swing 2021” 👉 HERE!


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing – Spooky Swing INTRO
0:00:05 PiSk – Minnie the Moocher
0:03:22 Betty Booom & Ashley Slater – Spooky Scary Skeletons
0:05:51 Odd Chap – Spook
0:08:59 Wolfgang Lohr & Alanna Lyes – Ghost (Club Mix)
0:12:47 Mr. Jazzek – Dracula
0:15:30 Or3o feat. Sam Haft – Run Away
0:18:44 Swingrowers – Midnight
0:22:18 Victor and the Bully – Heebie Jeebies
0:25:39 Odd Chap – Fright Night
0:28:50 Madam Misfit & Victor and the Bully – Trick Or Treat
0:32:24 LVDS – The Freakshow
0:35:06 Kid Kasino – Spooky Dooky
0:38:15 Tape Five – The Magic Slapstick
0:41:45 Tori & Dean – Demon Kitty Rag (Electro Swing Version)
0:45:16 Duke Skellington – Future Swing Time Machine
0:48:12 Kumiho & Sammy Legs – Devil
0:51:51 Speakeasy Streets – Sweet Deceit (SPKRFRKS Remix)
0:54:32 Madam Misfit – Inspector Gadget
0:57:24 Kid Kasino – I’m Evil
1:01:22 Speakeasy Streets – Dat Jazz (Jamie Berry Remix)
1:04:06 Dirty Honkers – Old House
1:07:57 Wolfgang Lohr & Varrick Frost feat. Alanna Lyes – Sweet Dreams
1:11:01 Demented (MNTRA Flip)
1:15:00 Odd Chap – Outer Space
1:17:47 Victor Ghastly’s Electric Timebomb – Voodoo
1:21:06 Grim Grinning Ghosts (Glenn Gatsby Bootleg Remix)
1:24:02 Emma Clair – Ghoul’s Groove
1:26:28 Kid Kasino – Sugar Plum Funk
1:30:11 Electro Swing Thing – Spooky Swing OUTRO

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