Spring Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2023

It’s that time of year again! And it’s starting to look a lot like spring, Electro Swing lovers! Slowly but surely everything is starting to bloom, the temperatures are rising and your favourite songbirds are blessing us with their latest releases.

As has become a tradition over the years, we’ve gathered all your favourite artists in one place. Szigeti Juli, LVDS, Wolfgang Lohr….discover your new favourites and enjoy the ones you’ve always loved.

The “Spring Swing Mix 2023” is now available on all platforms and we wish you a great time listening on YouTube and SoundCloud or hop on our “Spring Swing” playlist on Spotify! 🌸🌻🎶 #ElectroSwing #ElectroSwing2023 #SwingInSpring

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Alice Francis, ProleteR, Odd Chap, Szigeti Juli, The Swing Bot, Masha Ray, Wolfgang Lohr, Vero Nouk, Phos Toni, Little Violet, Minimatic, PiSk, Betty Booom, LVDS, Glenn Gatsby, Retronic, DELADAP, Mr. Jazzek, Balduin, Annella, Ashley Slater, Atom Smith, Swing’it, The Soulmate Project, C@ in the H@, Bbop, J Fitz, Melinda Stoika, Sam Norris, Kasia Buja, Dorade, Maskarade, Swahn, Lord Beaverbottom, The Fritz, Audiokitchen


0:00:00 Spring Swing 2023 Intro
0:00:09 Glenn Gatsby & Bbop – Spring Swing
0:02:16 Szigeti Juli & Atom Smith – Swing Delusion
0:05:43 Glenn Gatsby & Wolfgang Lohr – Don’t Drink & Jive
0:08:13 Minimatic – The Cat is High
0:12:09 Wofgang Lohr – In the Mood
0:14:37 Alice Francis – Too Damn Hot (Phos Toni Remix – Radio Edit)
0:17:35 PiSk – Jungle Swing
0:20:28 Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr feat. J Fitz – Magic Man
0:23:49 DELADAP feat. Melinda Stoika – Shobeedoo
0:27:04 Minimatic – Ants in My Pants
0:30:43 Odd Chap – To the Movies
0:33:47 Masha Ray – Bei Mir Bistu Shein
0:37:17 C@ in the H@ – My Obsession
0:39:42 Balduin & Annella – Oopsy Sorry
0:42:09 Wolfgang Lohr & Ashley Slater – Friend Like Me
0:45:06 Swing’it & Sam Norris – Prohibition
0:47:48 The Soulmate Project & Vero Nouk – Laisse-Toi Tomber
0:50:44 LVDS & Odd Chap – The Program
0:53:43 Mr. Jazzek & Kasia Buja – Tom’s Diner
0:56:52 Betty Booom, Dorade & Maskarade – Hit the Road Jack (Tech House Mix)
0:59:43 LVDS – The Junker
1:02:38 The Swing Bot – The Tailor
1:05:26 Szigeti Juli – All About That Bass (Electro Swing Mix)
1:08:45 Little Violet & PiSk – Watch Your Tongue
1:11:37 The Soulmate Project feat. Penny Maddox – When You Go Down
1:14:19 Wolfgang Lohr – Black Swing
1:17:35 Swahn & Lord Beaverbottom – The Crooked Boogie
1:19:14 The Fritz – Good Morning, Sunshine
1:21:36 ProleteR – The Last Breath of My Soul
1:26:24 Retronic & Audiokitchen – Now or Never
1:29:48 Masha Ray – Bang Bang
1:33:06 Spring Swing 2023 Outro

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