Streampunk 3 – A Multi Continent Online Festival

The airship is back with a whole new lineup of electro swingin’ artists from around the globe for Streampunk 3! 🎷🌏 🎵

We’ll kick off with b2b sets from Emma Clair & Marc Nox along with Burlesque by Comperé Molly Mischief and Mary Jane Blaze for the Prohibition Radio takeover in Manchester, UK , then we’re off to San Francisco, US for selections from renowned production duo SPEKRFREKS, we’ll have a couple drinks with our bass noises back in UK with C@ in the H@ , and finish our global journey with the queen of Japanese Swing, Moeko Okabe!


Will there be dancing 💃 ? Oh yes – watch the show for moves, grooves, jumps, and jives from your favorite Electro Swing Thing dancers!

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate! To RSVP, follow the twitch.tv/electroswingthing or youtube.com/electroswingthing channels and we’ll send you a reminder when it’s time for your journey to begin!

❤️ Lovingly presented by Electro Swing Thing and Kumiho ❤️

Date: September 26th

Show Start Quick Time Zone Guide:
UTC – 7pm
JST – 5am
PST – 12pm
EST – 4pm
BST – 8pm

Lineup: C@ in the H@, Spekrfreks, Moeko Okabe and Prohibition Radio Takeover (Emma Clair & Marc Nox)


Flight Schedule

01. Prohibition Radio Takeover (UK) – 07:00 pm UTC / 09:00 pm UTC + 2 / 12:00 am PST UTC-7

02. Spekrfreks (US) – 10:00 pm UTC / 12:00 am UTC + 2 / 15:00 pm PST UTC-7

03. C@ in the H@ (UK) – 11:00 pm UTC / 01:00 pm UTC + 2 / 16:00 pm PST UTC-7

04. Moeko Okabe (JP) – 12:00 am UTC / 02:00 pm UTC + 2 / 17:00 pm PST UTC-7


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