Moeko Okabe @ Streampunk 4 – Online Festival (DJ Set)

Moeko Okabe is an Electro Swing Singer, DJ, Electro Swing Japan Association Owner! She started working as a club singer at the age of 16 and has been specializing in electro swing since 2013. Started live activities with her own Japanese lyrics on Electro Swing track and started DJ activities at the same time. Artist activities specializing in Electro Swing, which had not been in Japan until then, attracted attention from home and abroad. Even now, he continues to express from a broad perspective that is not bound by the frame of the genre.

In addition, the community Electro Swing Japan, which was established in 2015, promoted music and art in various fields, such as planning and managing club events in Shibuya and Yokohama, and producing radio and internet programs. Incorporated in 2019, the activity is becoming more and more energetic. 🎷 🌏 🎵

NOW ENJOY: Moeko Okabe @ Streampunk 4 – Electro Swing Online Festival (February 27th 2021) Japan Edition

❤️ Lovingly presented by Electro Swing Japan, Electro Swing Thing and Kumiho ❤️

LINEUP: Moeko Okabe, Satol F (Caribbeandandy), Masami Makino, Vinyldj Eiji Takehana (JAZZ BROTHES)

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