Summer Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2021

Summer is back and we’ve grabbed a bunch of fresh tracks for a new Electro Swing season mix. Enjoy your holidays with some hot beats and cool drinks from the subgenres Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, Swing and some Mambo influences as well.

Our 90-minutes mix selection is available now on all relevant platforms. We have also curated a Summer Swing 2021 playlist for you on Spotify. Lean back, take a deep breath in the sun and forget all your everyday problems for a while… swing in, world out! #SummerSwing 🌞🏖️🍦🌴

Including Artists

Jamie Berry, Szigeti Juli, Glenn Gatsby, Swingrowers, Emma Clair, Betty Booom, Mr. Jazzek, Alanna Lyes, Octavia Rose, Klischée, DJ Mibor, Balduin, LVDS, Odd Chap, Madam Misfit, 11 Acorn Lane, Free Shots, Marc Spieler, Atom Smith, Joyce Nuhill, Masha Ray, Kumiho, Sammy Legs, Tape Five, Jive Me, Goodboys, Sonia Elisheva, Iolanda Boban, Slim Khezri, Good Co, The Hebbe Sisters, Crazy Red Balls, DJ Weide, Bonny Bee and Wolfgang Lohr


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:07 Glenn Gatsby – Summer Swing
0:02:30 Jamie Berry & Octavia Rose – Make Me Believe
0:05:30 Szigeti Juli – Freedom
0:08:29 LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Via con me
0:11:11 Glenn Gatsby & Free Shots – Parla più piano / In cerca di te
0:13:56 Balduin & Masha Ray – Wabababa
0:16:59 Swingrowers – Wannabe
0:19:47 11 Acorn Lane – Fly
0:22:41 Goodboys – Bongo Cha Cha Cha
0:24:31 Klischée – Get This (Bang Bang)
0:28:13 Betty Booom – Bella Ciao
0:31:08 Jive Me – Mr O’Butler (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:34:21 Balduin feat. J Fitz – YATO
0:37:18 LVDS & Joyce Nuhill – No Biz
0:40:09 Atom Smith – Stolichnaya
0:43:40 Kumiho & Sammy Legs – Devil
0:47:23 Lempo – Swinglasses
0:50:17 Odd Chap & Sonia Elisheva – On The Run
0:54:30 Betty Booom feat. Slim Khezri & The Hebbe Sisters – Billie Jean
0:57:33 Szigeti Juli – All About That Bass (Electro Swing Mix)
1:01:00 Tape Five – Somerset Freshness
1:04:16 DJ Weide & Bonny Bee – Fly Like An Eagle
1:07:30 Mr. Jazzek & Alanna Lyes – Stay
1:10:08 Marc Spieler – You
1:12:54 Good Co – Beggin (DJ Emma Clair Remix)
1:16:17 DJ Mibor – You’re Driving Me Crazy
1:20:17 Crazy Red Balls and Madam Misfit – LolliPop
1:23:29 Betty Booom – Jive Me Crazy
1:26:00 11 Acorn Lane – Come With Me
1:28:53 Electro Swing Thing Outtro

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