Summer Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2024

We are delighted to present to you the new Summer Swing Mix, which has been prepared especially for you by Electro Swing master Wolfgang Lohr! Listen to this fantastic mix on one of your favourite platforms – YouTube or SoundCloud.

High temperatures, lots of sunshine, cold drinks and holiday time… This means that the coveted summer is spoiling us with beautiful weather, and whether you’re going on a crazy trip or relaxing at home, great music will accompany you through this hot season. Electro Swing, Swing House, Swing Hop, Neo Swing, Future Swing… We are sure that among these tracks you will find one that will accompany you throughout the summer, and maybe even for longer! ☀️🍹🏖️

The perfect soundtrack for warm evenings, sunsets and romantic sunrises? The Summer Swing Mix will perk you up, provide plenty of great music and make getting together with friends and holidaying a time to celebrate and enjoy summer in all its glory! 🥳🎉

Summer Swing Spotify Playlist

We know how much you love listening to our playlists on Spotify, so as every year, especially for the holidays, we recommend our Summer Swing Playlist to you. Guaranteed to bring the sunshine into your home or hotel room and wherever you are, this music will cheer up your day and get you dancing merrily to the beat of perfectly selected Electro Swing bangers! 🏖️💃🕺


0:00:00 Electro Swing Thing Intro
0:00:05 The Soulmate Project – I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire (Swing Hop Mix)
0:02:50 Swingrowers – Is It Really Me… Or Not?
0:05:28 Klischée – Tom’s Diner
0:08:05 Parov Stelar – Boy Met Girl
0:10:52 Glenn Gatsby & Free Shots – Parla più piano / In cerca di te
0:13:39 Alice Francis – Catch the Killer (Intended Immigration Remix)
0:16:28 Masha Ray – Bei Mir Bistu Shein (Electro Swing Mix)
0:19:15 Serena Ganci & Pisk – Comme ci, comme ça
0:21:53 Intended Immigration – Biscuits and Cake
0:24:12 Betty Booom & Masha Ray – Sway (Swing House Mix)
0:26:27 Daisy La Fontaine – Mr. Perfect
0:28:46 Klischée – Trick Me
0:31:02 Betty Booom – Black Betty (Electro Swing Mix)
0:33:36 Wolfgang Lohr & DJ Mibor feat. Offbeat – Very Nice People
0:36:31 Szigeti Juli – Freedom (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
0:39:05 Marina & The Kats – Shim Sham (Jamie Berry Remix)
0:41:50 Glenn Gatsby – Posin
0:44:29 Mathew V – Anything Goes (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:47:08 Emma Lea & Duke Skellington – Showgirl
0:49:17 Betty Booom – Bella Ciao
0:52:05 Amarià – The Sleeping Pills
0:54:05 The Lost Fingers & Wolfgang Lohr – Everybody (Electro Swing Mix)
0:57:40 Alice Francis – The Experiment (Duke Skellington Remix)
1:00:35 The Soulmate Project – Sinatra
1:03:22 Szigeti Juli & Atom Smith – Swing Delusion
1:06:16 Betty Booom – Toxic (Electro Swing Mix)
1:09:32 Odd Chap – Rosco’s Groove
1:12:17 AYYBO – New Dance
1:14:56 Balduin & Annella – Lovin’ You
1:16:42 Mr. Jazzek – Doin’ The Jive (Electro Swing Mix)
1:19:16 Glenn Gatsby & Jive Jack – Smoke Rings (Swing Hop Mix)
1:20:54 LVDS – Think of U
1:24:27 Electro Swing Thing Outro

Featuring Artists

Alice Francis, Amarià, Annella, Atom Smith, AYYBO, Balduin, Betty Booom, Daisy La Fontaine, DJ Mibor, Duke Skellington, Emma Lea, Free Shots, Glenn Gatsby, Intended Immigration, Jive Jack, Klischée, LVDS, Marina & The Kats, Masha Ray, Mathew V, Mr. Jazzek, Odd Chap, Offbeat, Parov Stelar, Pisk, Serena Ganci, Szigeti Juli, The Lost Fingers, The Soulmate Project, Wolfgang Lohr

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