Swing Patrol Berlin

We are an international community consisting of 14 teachers and a small but very dedicated team.

Scott Cupit and Claudia Funder opened Swing Patrol in Melbourne, Australia in 1998. The first venue, the Rising Sun Hotel in southern Melbourne, had 23 students. The focus was clearly on teaching the joy of this dance! The students loved this new way of teaching and it got around very quickly. After a few months, 200 people came to class in this first place.

In 2009, after Scott moved to London, he and Marco Dietz met at a swing dance event in Italy. The great style and unique atmosphere of the entire Swing Patrol team at this event was such a special and formative experience that Marco, Swing Patrol, wanted to get to Berlin. In 2011 it started with a small idea and now we share in Berlin the love for the swing dances weekly and on the weekends.

Today, one can say that Swing Patrol has one of the most experienced teaching teams in the world, sharing the joy of dances with everyone. In Berlin, London UK, Melbourne AUS & Sydney AUS and brand new also in Leiden, The Netherlands. Our adventure continues … We hope you will join us!
Welcome to Swing Patrol and see you soon on the dance floor!

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