Szigeti Juli

Szigeti Juli is one of the very few representatives of Electro Swing in Hungary.

After their vibrant lead singer, Juli had toured all over China and lived in London, where she organized and attended several open mics and jam sessions, the globetrotter finally returned home to follow her heart down the Electro Swing route.

Her newly found knowledge and experience added to the unique and pulsating fusion of classic Swing and modern rhythms, that she started to create with band mates Apor (drums/ drum pad), Zoli (guitar) and Máté (sax & clarinet).

All of them are passionate musicians who have attended the Hungarian Jazz Institute and feel just as much at home in the electronic sphere.

Through their music, the Neo Swing band aims to bring joy to their listeners’ hearts and promises to send their live-audience home with a smile on their face.

Check them out now, we bet you can’t resist either!

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