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About Us

Electro Swing Thing is a music blog, record label, mix series, YouTube channel and an Electro Swing community. We have recently teamed up with electro-swing.com, the 1st Electro Swing website worldwide (2010), and renamed Electro Swing Elite (2013) to Electro Swing Thing! We are curating, collecting and releasing fresh new pearls of Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, G-Swing, Classic Swing and all other vintage styles. We hosting a monthly mix series, with the latest Electro Swing sound and many other DJ mix formats. Thank you for your support so far and you can look forward to even better content and music in the future! #ItMustSchwing

What kind of content will you find here?

Mix Series: At work, on the road, in bed, stay tuned and get the best Electro Swing & Vintage DJ Mixes around. 100+ episodes of diverse podcast mixing series are available. Listen here or take away on all well-known platforms! Releases: Our own music label releases… Singles, EPs, Albums and Compilations. Playlists: We are curating & selecting the best of Electro Swing 4u. Free Downloads: Exclusive tracks made with love by our favorite artists for you only (Exclusive content for members – subscribe and download)! Blog: Get news about the Electro Swing and Neo Vintage community, with interviews, reviews, fresh music, events and all other stuff around! Music Box: Brand new favorite tracks are presented in our own Juke Box. Radio: 24/7 for you on air, the Electro Swing Radio. With 1500+ tracks, from classics to the latest stuff. Tune in right here on our page, or on all popular apps and streaming platforms! Artists: The world’s first and only complete Electro Swing artists directory offers you the opportunity to dive deep into the genre! All top artists, bands, dancers and newcomers are listed and presented here. So you can always discover new music and the various artists from all over the world. Events: Find all E-Swing events worldwide in one calendar, maybe there will be a Roaring 20’s night close to you soon?! Community: We are open for new ideas and we are happy about people who want to create with us. If you want to write a blog, a review, an interview, something about vintage fashion, music, or whatever, you’re welcome. Everyone can participate here, we have only laid the foundation with this website. Life writes its own stories and you can revive it! Your Electro Swing Thing Team

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