‪The Prohibition Radio Show #023 feat. Bart&Baker (Interview)

An interview with the Electro Swing legends Bart&Baker from Paris in France. The new episode #023 of the Prohibition Radio Show hosted by Emma Clair & Nanook from Manchester. Out now on YouTube, SoundCloud and so on. 📻💃🕺📻

Emma Clair caught up with Parisian DJ/Producer duo Bart & Baker to chat about their glittering career as one of the Electro Swing community’s best loved acts!

Bart&Baker Biography

Bart&Baker are two peas in a pod, blending seamlessly to create a unique musical style and sound….

Although they come from different musical backgrounds (Jazz & Classics for Jo Baker, Pop & House Music for Bart Sampson) together they build a bridge between the acoustic tradition of “feel good” tunes, and the constant reinvention of electronic beats. Bart&Baker are not limited by genre or style: their music can best be described as “House Music with a smile and a style”. Whether it’s ElectroSwing, Deep & Funky House, or Nudisco, a tune remains a tune. In 2007, they began as a DJ Pair in Paris cocktail speakeasies and the iconic club scene, dressed in their idiosyncratic Tuxedos & Top Hats. Then from 2010 they curated the music collection for Wagram Music, a major European independent label.

Now they have produced 11 CD collections, collaborated on more than 50 other musical projects, and sold over 200,000 CDs worldwide.
Because of their early involvement in the electro swing scene through radio shows, parties and live events, they are known as “the godfathers of the electro-swing scene”.

In 2010 they turned their hands to producing, and in the process reinvented Jazz Age classic tunes like “Istanbul (not Constantinople)” and “Communications”.

Today the Bart&Baker catalogue comprises more than 130 tracks and remixes, both sample-based and original tunes. They have also been commissioned to remix some of their favorites artists like Parov Stelar, Caro Emerald, Paris Combo, Kid Loco, Dimitri From Paris, Tape Five and Gabin. Bart&Baker are producers inspired by personalities they have met or with whom they’ve collaborated along their magical music journey. Amongst their most famous partnerships are The Puppini Sisters, Mathieu Boré, Pierre Santini, Kitten On The Keys, Catherine D’Lish and their early accomplices, Lada Redstar and Nicolle Rochelle. They produce original videos and visual concepts with a team of photographers, designers and video artists, all with imaginative and striking visuals.

Today, Bart&Baker perform mostly at Festivals and Corporate Events throughout France, Europe and the U.S., presenting performances of a unique mix of beats, videos and vocals. Some of these events include Glastonbury, Bestival, Lovebox and Tomorrowland. They broadcast a weekly 2 hour radio show called Swing Party on National Jazz Radio heard in over 100 French cities.

Bart&Baker definitely have… a style of their own…

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