Valerie Giglio

For Boston-based artist Valerie Giglio, it’s all about that vintage sound and style. As a vocalist, she possesses a distinctive lush, retro style and sound with a modern edge that makes her unique in today’s music world. She originally started her solo career recording and performing classic standards, Italian language songs, and reinvention of hits from the 30’s through the 80’s…all in her signature vintage style. It was a natural transition to the Electro Swing genre. In June, 2021 she debuted her original Electro Swing release “Starlite Ballroom”, for which she won a Global Music Award.

On a personal level, Valerie is a survivor of a catastrophic stroke in 2014 that left her paralyzed in a wheelchair and unable to sing or play an instrument. After a miraculous recovery, she attended Berklee College of Music where she began to produce and perform her own electronic compositions and interpretations of well known retro hits. She soon found herself embarking on a new musical path of combining her obsession with vintage music with pop and electronic sounds.
She is currently recording her debut Electro Swing EP to be released later in 2021.

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