Via con me (Dave Wave Remix)

Dave Wave is back with a new Electro Swing remix! Via con me (also published under the title Via con me (It’s wonderful)) is a piece of music by singer-songwriter Paolo Conte that was added to the Parisian Milonga album in 1981. The song was recorded for the first time in the Format Studio in Turin. The piece is also included in the Tutto Conte – Via con me (2008) collection.

The great Swingrowers from Italy and the legends Bart&Baker from France have also already made Electro Swing cover and remix versions of  “Via con me”.

Now the pianist and producer, from Milan in Italy, has dedicated himself to this grand classic by Paolo Conte and made his own Neo Swing remix version. As always, Dave Wave plays his own piano lines and rhythmic accompaniments and has created a great video to this track on his YouTube channel. Enjoy!


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