Riff Kitten feat. Kumiho – Fallen World (Official Video)

Riff Kitten discovered a love of electronic music after graduating classical music college and came over to the dark side. Collaborating with burlesque singer Kumiho they created Fallen World, a dystopian love story for Halloween 2020! 🎃💀🦇👻😈🌕📣 Boo!

Inspired by a Tim Burton aesthetic and classic film scores, Riff Kitten has come to define a darker electro swing sound and style. His music is instantly recognisable. Californian Kumiho takes her name from the Korean folk tale of a legendary shape-shifting nine-tailed fox that lures it’s prey and eats their hearts. A collaboration between these two was always going to be interesting!

Written, produced and performed by Andrew Reilly and Keila Morris


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