Vintage Audio Signal

Release: The Swing Bot – Vintage Audio Signal

The new single „Vintage Audio Signal” by The Swing Bot has been released on Freshly Squeezed and includes two tracks, „Waves of 84″ and „Get Up”. The Swing Bot goes Disco and „Waves of 84″ has a massive 80’s Electronica impact.

The lead track „Waves of 84″ may well be some of the AL BOWLLY sample shares with the 90’s classic „Woman” by one hit wonders „White Town”. Here’s The Swing Bot steps away from the more obvious Electro Swing styling back to the future of his French House roots!

„Get Up“ is a bit chillier and more classical Electro Swing, but there is also a small and dark 80’s influence!

The video we predict will become something of a summertime classic featuring as it does a winning combination of Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, Barcelona and some hot Roller Skating high-jinx to boot. Watch to the end…

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