Yabloko Moloko

Emmanuel Bravo (Bs.As, Argentina, 1986) is an Hispanic DJ, producer, and saxophonist. Although he has introduced himself using various alias in the past, he is best known for his work as Yabloko Moloko.

His career as a Dj began in 2003 working at parties in Barcelona and quickly gained residence in a club from the same city, while also attending various clubs around Europe as a guest artist.

After 4 years of intense activity, he decided to take up residence in Argentina, where he devoted his time to producing his first studio album, “Boulevard”, released in 2011.

During his stay he studied piano, saxophone, mixing and mastering, a continuance of his early studies at the Bellas Artes school and music Conservatory, both institutions located in La plata. He began the production of new singles that would bring life to his most recent album, “Flush”. He dedicated his time, in turn, to doing radio on an FM for two years and gained residence in a club in his hometown, where he stayed some 4 years.

In this context, and influenced by the electro swing current/mainstream- scene he knows from the very start by the hand from artists like Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace- Emmanuel sets the path for his music project by creating dance floors that explore diverse dance genres entwined with retro sounds stemming from jazz.

Yabloko currently lives in Barcelona and is presenting his new work “Flush” in DJ format, as well as performing live as a group. Some music lovers have claimed that Yabloko is “the perfect combination of electronic music with jazz melodies”, and the artist comments in a recent interview: “ I keep on producing new songs and remixing the whole time, I really enjoy live performances and creating live sets that transmit fun and positive vibrations.”

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