Hi! My name is Francesco (Zanc for friends) and I’m a neoswing dancer from Italy. When it comes to dancing, things have changed a lot for me. I’ve always been the kind of guy who’s bad at sports and good at maths. I was also very shy! I still am, but not that much. Of course, I was one of those people who watch others dance at parties. I don’t know if I was simply not interested in dancing or maybe I was just too shy, but for whatever reason I had never tried.

Then, everything changed when I saw Sven Otten dancing in a TV commercial. It was only a few seconds of screen time, but some of the most important seconds in my life. I was so impressed that I decided I had to learn that dance style. “Neoswing”, he called it, and that’s how I still call it today.

I started practicing in early 2018, when I found out about his YouTube channel. Things weren’t easy: I don’t know German, and there were no subtitles, so I watched his dance videos in slow motion. That’s how I learned. A slow process, but it was worth it. The first dance video I ever recorded was in May 2018. I never posted it on YouTube. I didn’t even have a channel back then.

Today, four years later, I’m still dancing. Now I feel more comfortable dancing in public as well. I have also become a member of @neoswing_official, and I have done collaborations with some of the awesome dancers and musical artists that you can find on this website. Neoswing is still my passion. It’s a unique, elegant, fun dance style which deserves much more popularity than it currently has.

And if I managed to learn it, so can you!

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