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When DJ Mibor released his new album, ‘Electro Swing Sound System’, I felt it was the perfect time to interview him. After all, this is the best opportunity for the Electro Swing community to get to know his new songs! If you are just getting to know the work of this Electro Swing artist from Spain, be sure to read this interview – you will learn a little bit about the behind the scenes of the making of the “Electro Swing Sound System” album.

Jorge (DJ Mibor), also told me about which Electro Swing artists he would like to have a collaboration with. We also talked about… his interest in funk music, which made me very happy, because I also love this musical genre!

01. LadyDot: Hi, Jorge! I am very pleased that you took the time to talk to me! :) I discovered your music around 2018. The first track I listened to was ‘Topswing’. I have a feeling that this single was the most groundbreaking for you, because the previous tracks you released were more house with a touch of swing samples. When and why did you start getting interested in Electro Swing?

DJ Mibor: Thank you very much Ania! It is a pleasure to answer all your questions and make the Electro Swing community know a little more about my career and work. I love electronic music in general, but also other musical genres such as Jazz, Funk, Swing, Soul or Disco, and this has always been reflected in my music, a fusion of styles between electronic music and vintage sound. I started being interested in the Electro Swing by the hand of Jackin House with the publication of the Swing Sonic (2011). Then some remixes came from which I am very happy, such as “Istanbul Not Constantinople” or “The Swing Phenomenon”, but indeed, I also believe that “Topswing” was the song that brings me the most to the Electro Swing public.

02. LadyDot: I was very surprised to find out that you had released two soul-funk albums, ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ and ‘Cocktail Lounge’, in 2008 and 2010, and an EP, ‘Song for Vera‘, in 2020. Does this mean that your adventure into music production started with these musical genres?

DJ Mibor: Not exactly, before I had already published other works more electronic underground in different Spanish labels. Then came the study album “Cocktail Lounge” that was initially published in 2005 by Metropol Records / Cassagrande, this was a very important album for me, it was FNAC Talent Spain, and included in numerous compilations and TV Shows with a large audience in Spain. Although years later I released it with my own label. At that time I played in House Music Clubs, House Jazz, Lounge and without a doubt all those musical influences were reflected in my first two albums. Which soul and funk artists have influenced your work the most?

At the end of the 90s I started working like Deejay in a Club in my hometown which had a collection of exquisite music. There I discovered a lot of Funk music from the 70s, Acid Jazz, Afrobeats and some electronic music. I played music from artists such as Magnum, Johnny Harris, Liston Smith, Roy Ayers, Milton Wright or Nina Simone, but also with other more current bands for that time such as The Brand New Heavies, Freak Power, Us3, Jamiroquai or Sade. I was also very interested in bands such as Thievery Corporation, The Phazz, The Herbaliser or Jazzanova and other more underground music from Labels such as Freskanova, Bolshi Records, Finger Lickin, Ninja Tune or compilations such as Dope on Plastic and Break N´Bossa.

03. LadyDot: You have already collaborated with many Electro Swing artists: for example Wolfgang Lohr and Offbeat (‘Very Nice People’), Alanna Lyes (‘Call Me a Lady’, ‘Hideaway’), Tallulah Goodtimes (‘Dance into My Dreams’, ‘Sweet Sensations’, ‘Strictly Business’). Is there an Electro Swing artist you would like to create a track with but haven’t had the opportunity yet?

DJ Mibor: I would love to repeat with Wolfgang, It’s very easy to work with him. I remember that for “Very Nice People” I sent him an idea of just a few bars and from there he worked his magic, plus how he has so much organisational capacity he immediately contacted Offbeat and the result was already known. I would also love to collaborate or do a remix of artists that I admire for his music like Klischée, Odd Chap, Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose or PiSk among others.

04. LadyDot: I hear clear inspiration from the band Caravan Palace in your songs. Am I right? :) Which Electro Swing artists have been most influential in shaping your sound?

DJ Mibor: I suppose that like almost any musician, producer, etc., we are influenced by the music we like and the circumstances that surround us. I love Caravan Palace, but I don’t think it’s a reference for me when it comes to making music, I always try to let myself go and make the music that comes from inside me, without letting myself be influenced too much. Maybe subconsciously… :) In any case, to your question I will tell you that I feel more identified with the early works of Parov Stelar, as well as many other artists outside of Electro Swing, such as Akufen.

05. LadyDot: You’ve been releasing quite a few singles regularly since 2018. Why didn’t you release a full album until 2023?

DJ Mibor: Mainly due to lack of time, but due to life circumstances these last two years I have had much more free time to make music, so I decided to take it easy and work on a new album. I don’t want to say that it took me two years to finish it, but I did take it very calmly. Some songs are ideas that I had on the shelf, some are songs that I already released, like “Paperboy” and “1935”, and some are new. I wanted to make a simple album that I liked, and above all, enjoy the whole process.

06. LadyDot: Let’s talk a bit about your new album: “Electro Swing Sound System” is, in my opinion, a total explosive mix. You show your versatility and excellent ability to experiment with music. Did you produce this album yourself, or did someone help you with it?

DJ Mibor: Both the technical and the creative processes have been completely solo. I have composed the songs, I have mixed and mastered them without third parties.

07. LadyDot: “Electro Swing Sound System”, was a total musical surprise for me! I’ve always associated you more with swing house, and on this album I hear a lot of swing hop inspiration, which I really like! What else can we expect from you? What musical genres would you still like to try and combine with Electro Swing?

DJ Mibor: For some years I was playing Breakbeats, maybe doing something along those lines, but instead of using Funk music references, doing it with Swing music. I also love Drum and Bass, so something along those lines would also be a lot of fun for me.

08. LadyDot: Ever since I first listened to your new album, I can’t stop looping the track ‘Small Town’. I feel that it is the most complex and contains the most musical elements of all the songs from the ‘Electro Swing Sound System’. Which song from this album was the most labour-intensive to prepare and took you the longest to compose?

DJ Mibor: Maybe “Hold Up” and “Small Town”. In “Hold Up” I use a technique that consists of combining randomly, but looking for a meaning, small fragments of many different sound samples to create the melody. “Small Town” is similar, although the weight of the song falls on the wind and vibraphone melody. In my case, it is much more difficult for me to find the idea than to develop it.

09. LadyDot: I will make some more references to swing hop. In 2021 you released the single ‘You’re Driving Me Crazy’. Also, the first two tracks from your new album, ‘Urban Swing’ and ‘Come Back’, I directly associate with swing hop. Does this mean that you will now be releasing more singles in this style?

DJ Mibor: I guess so, Swing Hop it’s a style of music that I also like a lot and with which I feel very comfortable. Sure.

10. LadyDot: I think many readers of the Electro Swing Thing blog are very curious about your answer to this question: what are your immediate plans for promoting the new album? Will you be performing at some festivals or maybe playing your DJ-set in some club? Let us know! :)

10. LadyDot:I think many readers of the Electro Swing Thing blog are very curious about your answer to this question: what are your immediate plans for promoting the new album? Will you be performing at some festivals or maybe playing your DJ-set in some club? Let us know! :)

DJ Mibor: I have to say that I have not spent much time looking for gigs, for now the only date that I can confirm is July 5th at the Beats for Love festival, Ostrava (Czech Republic). Anyway, if you are a promoter and you are reading this… ;)

LadyDot: Jorge, thank you very much for this interview. I wish you many more great releases and I hope to have the opportunity to go to the party where you play your DJ-set! :)

Interview by LadyDot (Ja, Wizeruk) Date: 2023-05-29

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