Our Story

Electro-swing.com was founded in summer 2010 by 2 brothers (incontroL & Sir Sway) really excited by the new sound of Electro Swing. In 2015 the scene is gone worldwide and has formed many subgenres. Call it Vintage Remix, Electro Swing, Antique Beats, it’s all about that old sound remixed and it’s here to stay!

Electro Swing Elite
The Electro Swing Elite, or ESE for short, launched in Summer 2013 the first B2B DJ mix series of Electro Swing. The concept was created and realized by Phos Toni, the founder of ESE.
Since the ESE Mix 3, Phos Toni and Wolfgang Lohr have teamed up to the Electro Swing Elite to create a community, music blog, YouTube channel, various mixing series and a Compilation Series that has become well known and successfully through the worldwide Electro Swing scene.

Electro Swing Thing
We have recently teamed up with electro-swing.com, the 1st Electro Swing website worldwide (2010), and renamed Electro Swing Elite (2013) to Electro Swing Thing. Electro Swing Thing is now a music blog, record label, mix series, YouTube channel and an Electro Swing community. We are curating, collecting and releasing fresh new pearls of Swing House, Neo Swing, Swing Hop, G-Swing, Classic Swing and all other vintage styles. We hosting a monthly mix series, with the latest Electro Swing sound and many other DJ mix formats. Thank you for your support so far and you can look forward to even better content and music in the future! #ItMustSchwing

Electro Swing Radio