Varrick Frost

When Varrick Frost takes his turn on the grammophone, he plays a refreshing mix of the finest Electro Swing. He himself produces and mixes swing music, which he underlays with creative electronic beats and bass. As a result, he creates tracks that have the melodic beauty of swing music, combined with the rhytmical benefits of Electronic Dance Music. He really pushes the boundaries of the gerne and experiments with new elements and ideas which adds a lot of variety to his productions. During the past years he collaborated and performed with other major artists of the scene such as Caravan Palace, Wolfgang Lohr, Postmodern Jukebox, Bart&Baker and Jamie Berry.

He also plays the trumpet and usually performs together with a live saxophone player to add more life to his performance. As the evening progresses and the crowd gets in the right mood, it often happens that Varrick puts out some heavier tunes like Electro, Funk, DNB and Techno. With this repertoire, combined with lots of live elements, it is ensured that every gig is dynamic and unique.

Varick Frost is now also an organizer of Electro Swing events and a part of the Electro Swing Crew in Hamburg!

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