Yabloko Moloko – Black Samurai (Single)

Yabloko Moloko is back with a new track called and you have to check his “Black Samurai”!

“First shout out of the day to Yabloko Moloko! His killer track Black Samurai is out NOW! Really stoked at that, especially for the heavy baseline, the ragtime piano 🎹 and the cool sax, with some Charleston hint at around 3.00 minutes. Big ups! ❤️💯🎷” – Argya Lydon

“This is one of my favourite releases of 2020!” – Emma Clair

Released: August 21th, 2020
Written & produced and mastered by Yabloko Moloko
Special thanks to: Wade Ridenhour (Piano) and Fabian Hernandez (Saxophone)


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