DJ Bongo

DJ Bongo – Electro Swing and much much more

Gareth has been hitting things for a long long time…since he was knee high to a cymbal stand in fact. Having spent over 20 years playing hand drums beside the good and the great in DJ land he found his home within the strange misunderstood realms of the Steam Punks..

They accepted him and his interesting facial hair into their midst and enjoyed the Electro Swing immensely….
Thus DJ Bongo was born… after a few House parties, some other engagements and a charity or three he is HERE (where?) at the Royal Oak Bushey (oh there, why didn’t you say) I AM SAYING… quiet you second voice……

He now performs regularly with Professor Elemental playing Chap Hop (think hip hope with tea and politeness) Electro Swing, dipping back into those Ibiza classics and the “put ya hands in the air for Detroit (i love that city)” moments.

At the end of the night you leave happy and smiling having laughed, danced, sung and drank your fill….

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