Kiwistar is a French-Indian Dj and producer born in Paris and actually based in Lyon, France.

Well known in the electro swing scene worldwide, Kiwistar is becoming one of the major acts of the genre, winning a World Best Electro Swing Dj award at the Electro Swing Awards in 2011.

He has built a reputation of bringing funky Electro Swing to another level melting it live with Drum and Bass, Trap, and Hard Techno, blending happy vibes with heavy hitting club bangers.

As a producer, Kiwistar has followed a path of both eclectism and diversity and can produce all the way from 100 to 190 BPM, anything from Chill tracks to Party Anthems. After have play in Many Festivals in Europe like Boomtown Beats for Love or La Fete de l’humanité, he will come for the first time play in India for the Sulafest 2018!

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