Phos Toni

Phos Toni is a vinyl DJ based in Frankfurt/Germany, with Greek roots. He used to play since 2001 with “NI Traktor”, but got laid of MP3 players and sync buttons. So he is playing since 2010 only vinyl again.

His style is a mix between Deep House, House, Tech House basicly with main Swing elements from the 1920s-1940s. It is known as Electro Swing, but he would describe his style more like “Swing Tech” or “Deep E-Swing”, a more electronic interpretation of Swing. He also loves to use Rock ‘n’ Roll, Balkan and other folk sound genres in his sets and mixes.

He is also the founder of Electro Swing Elite (ESE) and his creation was the ESE B2B Mix series, which is meanwhile the biggest Electro Swing mix series ever!

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