Glenn Gatsby & DanyloM – Hungarian Dance No. 5
Electro Swing Thing #184

It finally happened! The great Glenn Gatsby has teamed up with Ukrainian piano sensation DanyloM.

The two didn’t pick just any song but one of Brahms’ most popular pieces: Hungarian Dance No. 5.

Enhanced by a driving, up-tempo beat, a variety of instrumental samples, such as mandolins and accordions and heavy brass lines that announce each break, turn this take on a classic into an exciting track of its own.

Ever thought you would get down to some Brahms? Well, now’s the time!

01. Glenn Gatsby & DanyloM – Hungarian Dance No. 5

Release Date: 2022-12-09

Label: Electro Swing Thing / Catalog No: EST184
Composer: Johannes Brahms (Public Domain)
Producer & Engineer: Tinush Salehi
Arranger: Tinush Salehi & Danylo Vakulenko
Piano: Danylo Vakulenko
© + ℗ 2022 Electro Swing Thing

Biography – DanyloM

Coming from a highly musical family, it’s no surprise that DanyloM was born with perfect pitch.

From a very young age, the pianist extraordinaire enjoyed classical music and first got in touch with Jazz at the age of 14.
From that day one, he dived deeper and deeper into this completely new world and studied it on his own until he got admitted to Glier Music Academy in Kiev, where he was taught professionally.

Discovering his love for “weird” styles of music and driving rhythms, he connected to bands and artists in the Electro Swing genre and started uploading videos of his own playing on Tik Tok, where one day “Electro Swing Thing” owner Wolfgang Lohr stumbled upon his profile and found his way into his inbox.

DanyloM has been releasing several original tracks, remixes, and collaborations with the label since and describes the whole experience as “a dream come true”, planning to produce even more high-quality music in that style he enjoys so much.

Biography – Glenn Gatsby

Within just a matter of years, Norwegian producer Glenn Gatsby has already become one of the most sought-after members of the Electro Swing family.

The Oslo native plays the piano, trumpet and the trombone and loves to incorporate elements of classic Swing music into his captivating Swing House, Neo Swing and Swing Hop productions.

His greatest success so far, is part of the latter: “Posin”, has earned him more than 1.5 million plays on Spotify and has been critically acclaimed by listeners all over the world, ever since its release in 2020.

Collaborating on hit after hit with various fellow musicians and working closely with the Electro Swing Thing Label, the young artist is literally living through his very own “Roaring Twenties.”

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