Review: G.Pantelidis – Lush Goo

The concepts of electro swing, neo tech house, and swing house are being presented in a captivating creative formula by DJ and producer G.Pantelidis in ‘Lush Goo’.

The modules of contemporary musical interpretations in the scope of electro-swing have paved the way for new creative visions and DJ and producer G. Pantelidis is contributing his majestic soul to the formulation of new musical horizons. He recently came out with his track ‘Lush Goo’ that executes and presents the concepts of contemporary genre entities like tech house, deep house, and neo house into a beautiful format of instrumental patterns and beats. An electronic music producer and DJ since 1988, his evolution through the various waves of culturally-infused musical territories has led to the completion of his magnificent creative arc.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, and currently associated with the global label Electro Swing Thing Records, he has had many stage names, each representing a definite style and musical blend. His current avatar combines deep melodies and soulful funky house to pave the way for a cultural and creative blast of musical flavors. ‘Lush Goo’ is his latest contribution to the collective growth of the contemporary music scene that is going to redefine the fine line of vintage and new-age elements.

Electronic music DJ G.Pantelidis has had many hits in his career including tracks like ‘Aegean Sea’, ‘Asian Sunset’, ‘Desert Illusions’, and ‘Crowded Market’ among numerous others. His present sound and arrangement is a balanced, captivating overlap between intense club music and vintage swing vibes that combine to produce the best auditory style in the scope of relevant music!

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Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-10-05

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